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MONSSON connected to the National Grid the largest Energy Battery Storage capacity in Romania

Monsson has commissioned the largest energy battery storage capacity in Romania. The capacity is part of the first hybrid photovoltaic-wind-battery project, installed at the existing operational 50 MW project.

The storage unit has an installed capacity of 24 MWh - (6MW x 4h) and it was built by Monsson as integrator, according to its own design, in a unique concept utilizing in-house developed know-how. The project represents the first stage of in total 216 MWh storage unit to be installed until end of the year at the same location. The concept is modular and suitable for large scale applications. The Monsson energy storage facilities are developed special for harsh climate conditions, utilizing the latest technologies in monitoring and safety systems for that kind of products. The controlling software created by Monsson is useful both for electricity storage operation and for the electricity trading. The Lithium Ion batteries are locally produced by the Romanian company Prime Batteries Technology. The storage unit is charged with energy produced by the Wind Farm, by the 35 MW PV project under construction, named Gălbiori 2, which will be grid connected end of 2024 and from the national grid when there is no wind or sun. The control of the hybrid project is fully automatic, without local operational staff and the software is developed by Monsson.

"The investment was done on equity with the goal to prove the idea of increasing the renewable energy penetration in national grids, through renewable energy hybridization concept, consisting of photovoltaic, wind and storage. The hybridization with storage is reducing the volatility of renewable energy helping also balancing of the National Energetic System. The storage of renewables will lead in the end to reducing electricity bills for end consumers. With this project we are testing the functionality of the battery to demonstrate the immediate benefits of storage facilities attached to renewable energy sources. We want to promote such solutions both in Romania and across Europe," said Sebastian Enache, MONSSON, member of the Board.
"One year after the visit with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to RENEWACAD, I am glad to have the opportunity to be part of the inauguration of this project together with the most relevant Romanian energy specialists. The fact that climate change is real, it is no longer a secret to anyone and reducing its effects is also a priority of the Romanian Presidential Administration. We are looking at renewables in this regard and we consider the integration of renewables into the system definitely needs energy storage. So your hybrid project paves the way for other projects. Congratulations for the elements of Romanian innovation behind the project, innovation that is absolutely needed", said Alexandra Bocșe at the inauguration of the project - State Advisor to the Presidential Administration.

“The energy transition towards renewable needs to be done in a sustainable way. Volatility is a problem that needs to be addressed and resolved, as much as possible at the source. Company Prime took its role as solution supplier since 2016. In the market we are seen as battery producers but our main buiness is Lithium Ion battery solutions. And this is how us and Monsson found common ground, because their extensive experience in renewable energy that led to projects as this one”, explained Vicențiu Ciobanu, CEO Prime Batteries Technology.

"I would like to congratulate you on achieving something we have wanted for a very long time. Why is storage good? Why should even banks be more friendly to this solution? Storage is both energy consumption and energy production and should be treated and regulated as such and, why not, prioritised. If we look in the past and see the commitments we have to European bodies to eliminate the coal fuelled energy, we see that we need renewable energy and the storage is the solution," said Gabriel Andronache - Vice-President of ANRE, at the inauguration event.

"I want to congratulate the Monsson and Prime team for this Romanian achievement and these solutions have to be supported by all of us as Romanians. Look at what is happening in the market! During the sunny days, at noon, when we have maximum electricity production from photovoltaic energy, we have a price of zero lei / MWh. Storage solutions are welcome. In the last years we have all made efforts to increase renewable electricity production in Romania, we all need to join forces to attract also consumers. In Dobrogea region, as example, we have an installed capacity of 3280 MW, while electricity demand is only 300 MW. I really consider that alongside storage facilities, we do strongly need to attract energy consumers in every region in Romania to help the National Energy System", added Virgiliu Ivan – Director DEN from Transelectrica.

"Congratulations for this Romanian project! It is a 95% Romanian project and proves the capacity of the country to be part of the EU transition to zero emissions process to which Romania is committed to. This is the first step in which we can see it is possible to produce and deliver firm energy capacity from renewable sources. What I think should be mentioned is that we have brought together electricity consumption and production. I congratulate Prime for believing in energy storage and developing a manufacturing facility for Lithium Ion batteries. In an energy system, we need to always have a balancing system and storage solutions are a way to achieve that in the case of very volatiles renewable sources. We can see that Romanians remain very active and creative on the European map in the energy sector," detailed Corina Popescu, senior energy specialist.

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