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ANRE sets for 2013 a higher mandatory quota of green certificates

Romania’s Energy Regulatory Authority, ANRE, has issued a decree establishing for 2013 an obligatory quota of green certificates to be purchased by electricity suppliers of 0.224 green certificates (GCs) for each MW produced. This quota is nearly double compared to the previous year when it was 0.1188 GCs/MW.

“The obligatory green certificates quota to be purchased by economic operators, who are compelled to acquire green certificates, is set at 0.224 green certificates/MWh”, is announced through the said decree, signed by ANRE’s President, Niculae Havrilet, and published in Romania’s Official Gazette yesterday, February 27, 2013.

To meet the mandatory quota, OPCOM, entity which manages the Centralized Market of Bilateral Contracts, scheduled within the next month three sessions for GCs trading.

Transelectrica, the Romanian system and transmission operator, issues these green certificates granted by regulatory authorities for free to renewable energy producers who in their turn, sell them to electricity suppliers. Thus, the producers’ income is not only based on the power produced and later sold, but on the green certificates they trade, as well, the electricity suppliers being compelled to acquire a quota of GCs, as per ANRE’s decrees.

Last year, there have been issued over 10 million green certificates, a significantly higher amount than in 2012, given that the renewable energy sector boosted in terms of power capacity installed which nearly doubled in 2013 (4.26 GW at year-end 2013, compared to 2.24 GW in 2012).

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