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e-Mobility Rentals strengthens partnership with Glovo

After a six-month pilot project in 2023, e-Mobility Rentals and Glovo announce the consolidation of their strategic partnership with electric vehicles operating on a unique interchangeable universal battery system, the first of its kind in Europe.

The two companies are strengthening their partnership, with e-Mobility Rentals' fleet of electric vehicles used by couriers on the Glovo platform increasing to 62 units, comprising 38 e-cars and 24 e-mopeds. This showcases a significant expansion of eco-friendly delivery infrastructure in Bucharest.

The results achieved from the pilot are remarkable and represent an important step towards cleaner mobility and sustainable delivery services, much needed in a capital city where the main source affecting air quality is road traffic (58%):

  • Delivery drivers who used these vehicles confirmed increased agility in navigating the urban landscape of Bucharest, resulting in faster deliveries and optimized routes. Couriers improved their delivery times, and the frequency of orders – meaning the average number of orders per week – increased, while order reallocations decreased.

  • Throughout the pilot, couriers benefited from constant support from e-Mobility Rentals team, including 24/7 roadside assistance, guaranteed auto insurance, vehicle replacement when needed, as well as free battery swaps, vehicles easy to drive and unlimited range (each battery swap adds 50 km of range for e-cars and 100 km for e-mopeds).

  • Over the course of the pilot, over 390,000 km were traveled, resulting in an approximate reduction of 88 tons of CO2 emissions.

  • Moreover, the + 5,900 battery swaps demonstrated the efficiency and speed of the e-Mobility Rentals solution, as each battery swap takes less than 1 minute.

“We have developed a turnkey solution, plug and play, that any partner, whether a company, city, or institution, can easily and quickly implement, with beneficial results for the environment and costs cut to half compared to the solutions available in the market today. Interaction with Glovo couriers and, especially, the data collected through the integrated management software in Swap Stations and the mobile application, has helped us measure the operating parameters of the solution and understand how beneficiaries utilize it. We've used every piece of information to improve the infrastructure because learning is a necessary step in the life of an innovative company. We are delighted to see that at the end of this test, Glovo has optimized its deliveries and reduced CO2 emissions from transportation. Our partnership continues on solid ground, aiming to progressively make our clean mobility solution accessible to as many Glovo couriers as possible”, says Alexandru Slavu, Chief Operating Officer e-Mobility Rentals.

Romania is the only country where Glovo has conducted this pilot project using electric mopeds and cars with swappable universal batteries. In the upcoming period, the delivery company will expand the innovative e-Mobility Rentals solution consisting of an electric vehicle fleet and battery swap stations, accessible through an enhanced unique operational leasing service. This expansion will increase the number of zero-emission deliveries in Bucharest and across the country.

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