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Sustainable finance policy tracker from Mazars and OMFIF brings clarity to global progress on sustainability regulation

Mazars announced the launch of theSustainable finance policy tracker– developed in partnership with OMFIF(the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum). 

The online tool provides an overview of how different countries are mitigating climate risks in their financial sector. It includes an interactive map covering an initial 22 countries and jurisdictions. The tracker covers 14 areas related to sustainable finance policy, including regulatory and supervisory measures, climate stress testing activity, sustainable taxonomies, climate-related disclosures, and green bond issuance. Featuring a country directory, the tool allows users to select a country and view a summary of its policies and activities related to sustainable finance. It is intended to be the ‘go-to’ resource for stakeholders interested in monitoring the activities of central banks and regulators on sustainability.

Rudi Lang, Partner and Global Financial Services Leader, Mazars says: „We are proud to partner with OMFIF in the development of the Sustainable finance policy tracker. This online tool, featuring an interactive map, can be used as a key source of information for financial institutions to monitor the activities of central banks and regulators on sustainability, including bridging data gaps and improving global understanding of what different authorities are doing. At Mazars, we strive to help our clients put sustainability at the centre of their business. This tracker will help us and others do just that.”

The sustainable finance policy tracker is a vital new tool in understanding the global response of policymakers to the climate change challenge”, says John Orchard, CEO of OMFIF. „We’re delighted to work on this project with Mazars, whose commitment to helping its clients transition their businesses towards net zero is both impressive and important.”

Conducting a sustainable business will become one of the main strategic goals of any organisation, which will cause a transformation in the culture and behavior of all stakeholders. The Sustainable finance policy tracker is a one of a kind tool that contributes to achieving this goal by monitoring progress and initiatives across various jurisdictions.”, mentioned Răzvan Butucaru, Partner, Financial Services & Advisory Leader, Mazars Romania.

The tracker launch coincided with OMFIF’s inaugural Sustainable Policy Institute Symposium, that took place on 29-30 September 2021. Convening a global network of key policy-makers, regulators, public and private sector investors and ESG experts, the two-day symposium covered the role of monetary policy, regulation and disclosure as well as address key practical challenges in driving greener financial markets to achieve net zero. 

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