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Renovatio Solar installed a photovoltaic rooftop system on the ANA Hotels and Crowne Plaza buildings in Bucharest

Renovatio Solar, a company from the Renovatio ecosystem, one of the main players in the field of solar energy and green technology in Romania, has completed the installation of 650 photovoltaic panels on the ANA Hotels (office building) and Crowne Plaza (hotel) buildings in Bucharest.


"The project involved the design and installation of a photovoltaic system with a total capacity of 300KWp (on the basis of an EPC contract - industrial prosumer) and was a challenging project as it was necessary to work in fixed time intervals, predetermined by the client, in order not to disturb hotel guests or people working in the office building," said Horațiu Regneală, CEO of Renovatio Solar.

"We wanted to go to the next level with our initiatives in the field of sustainability, and with the help of Renovatio Solar, we put into operation photovoltaic panels, which will partially provide the necessary consumption for the Crowne Plaza hotel and for our company headquarters, following some investments that amount to at approximately 300,000 euros", said, for her part, Simona Constantinescu, General Operational Director of ANA Hotels.

This project was implemented under the motto "Go Green", under which the installation of charging points for electric cars was also carried out in the parking lots of ANA Hotels.

"We provided the client ANA Hotels with a professional design, resulting in the optimization of the space and the efficiency of the placement of the panels, in order to obtain a maximum yield per installed area. The final result is that the amortization of the investment will be realized in a shorter time than normal in such situations", detailed Horațiu Regneala.

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