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Coca-Cola HBC Romania, Auchan and GreenPoint Management initiates a strategic partnership to encourage separate waste collection

Coca-Cola Romania HBC Romania, part of the Coca-Cola System in Romania, in partnership with Auchan Romania and GreenPoint Management, launches the “PET collect and earn” campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of separate collection among consumers, thus marking the start of a strategic partnership for environmental protection.

The campaign, implemented by the non-profit organization Viitor Plus, invites consumers to collect PET-type plastic packaging in specially designed collection spaces in Auchan hypermarkets and supermarkets across the country.

"We are extremely pleased with this strategic partnership because we share the same beliefs about packaging waste - and especially about plastic: we are aware of our responsibility to keep our environment clean and to leave it. legacy of those who come # After Us. We also strive to make the packaging of our products as environmentally friendly as possible, and our entire portfolio of Dorna natural mineral waters is bottled in 100% recycled PET. Moreover, we have recently made a commitment to reduce emissions from the entire value chain to zero net by 2040. We are convinced that by joining forces with our partners, Auchan, GreenPoint Management and Viitor Plus, we can it had an even stronger voice and a tailored impact, thus contributing to a better and cleaner future for future generations, ”says Alice Nichita, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola HBC Romania.

"We are launching this campaign as part of the Personal Sustainability Program, which offers more than 8,000 employees and Auchan customers the opportunity to get involved in various sustainability and social responsibility actions and aims to highlight the importance of these small actions which, In fact, it contributes to the important changes that the environment needs at this time. This campaign is one of our long-term strategic actions to reduce the use of plastic and a promise to expand our efforts to raise awareness and speed up the separate collection process, "said Corina Dospinoiu, head of CSR Auchan.

“The campaign we are launching is part of the accountability initiatives in which GreenPoint Management has undertaken, from the very beginning, to be actively involved, in order to draw attention to the urgent need to collect waste separately, the packaging used being a valuable source for recycling. Through this project, carried out together with Coca-Cola HBC Romania, Auchan and the Viitor Plus Association, we want to offer a new example of good practices in Romania, in terms of sustainable actions towards the community and self, but also care compared to the environment. We support recycling beyond the day-to-day work of our organization, provide know-how and time to implement CSR projects with a strong educational and public awareness component, and the partnership announced today is all the more gratifying as our strategic partners already contributes to a better future through constant and impactful actions in Romania ", said Andrei Dinescu, Deputy CEO of GreenPoint Managament.

"Concrete actions and environmental education are strategic directions for Viitor Plus. 'PET collect and earn' motivates Romanians to collect and recycle PET. The role of the campaign is to change the public perception of recyclable waste, given that PET can be transformed into new products by recycling: new plastic bottles and other packaging, T-shirts, carpets, and with this transformation, the negative impact on the environment is reduced.that we are with Coca-Cola HBC Romania, Auchan and GreenPoint Management in this campaign and together we can change attitudes and behaviors for a healthier environment, "said Teia Ciulacu, President of Viitor Plus.

Coca-Cola HBC has committed itself globally to recovering and recycling a quantity of packaging equivalent to the amount it puts on the market by 2030. In order to fulfill this commitment, through the projects built within the strategic pillar After Us We Collect All We, the company invests in information and education programs on the importance of separate collection, as well as in projects to increase the collection capacity through new infrastructure.

Similarly, since the beginning of 2020, the entire portfolio of Dorna natural mineral water has been bottled in already recycled PET (rPET). This reduces the amount of new plastic that Coca-Cola HBC Romania puts on the market with 5,000 tons of plastic annually.

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