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Oana Radulea is the new Managing Partner of River Development

River Development, one of the leading real estate developers in Romania, has a new Managing Partner since January 2024. Oana Rădulea takes over the executive management of the company, from the former Executive Director, Liviu Birău.

Oana Rădulea, Managing Partner of River Development

Oana Rădulea has over 21 years of experience in the local and international real estate development industry. Before joining the River Development group of companies, Oana held for 7 years, the position of Leasing & Business Development Director at White Star Real Estate, a real estate developer active in Central and Eastern Europe. 

In the previously held positions, including within Sema Parc, as Director of Development and Strategy, and at other players in the field, such as the british company European Future Group, Oana coordinated activities by defining business objectives and business directions development of the company, as well as activities regarding the acquisition and disposals of properties in Romania and Ukrain, including the fund and group largest acquisitions and disposals.

"My active contribution in the companies’ group development managed by River Development began 14 years ago, while my efforts have been mainly focused on the planning and implementation of strategies for property leasing, management and development of the portfolio of buildings in Sema Parc. Consolidating the leading position on the local real estate development market, with multiple roles such as: real estate investor and developer of mixed-use projects, asset, property & facility manager, represents the main goal in the company's long-term development process. The amplitude of the development and the impact on the central-western area of ​​Bucharest, together with the high level of specialization in both real estate development and Property & Asset Management activities, continue to represent the strengths of the company." declared Oana Rădulea. 

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