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Three Romanian gas transport projects declared regional priorities

Three Romanian projects for gas supplies have been declared priority in the second high-level ministerial meeting in the East South Central Europe Gas Connectivity held in the city Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 9-10 July informs the Ministry of Energy. The projects are Bulgaria-Romania Inter-connector project, the extending inter connector Romania-Moldova (Iasi-Ungheni) and Romania-Ukraine project (from the point of interconnection Isaccea). A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed and an Action Plan was designed to accelerate regional projects identified in the gas sector. On the priority list CESEC were introduced several projects, including strengthening Romanian system to allow the use of existing inter connectors with some of the funding provided by international financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development."The action plan includes several strategic projects for Romania in providing a gas flow to allow energy independence. There are projects that are part of Romania's energy strategy for ensuring a stable and efficient energy mix. At the same time, representing strategic objectives and to this region and to the system of infrastructure that Romania is trying to have a strong position in the Energy Union. In Eastern Europe, only Romania has its own production with enough capacities to face an energy crisis, which means that our country, besides its ability to be energy independent, has a strategic role in the region and as an exporter of energy and therefore ensuring energy safety, "said Andrei Gerea, Minister of Energy at the meeting.
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