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The challenges of a liberalized energy market in Romania

The Association of Romanian Electricity Suppliers - AFEER organized the 3rd edition of its annual conference on the effects and challenges of the new market liberalization.

"The liberalization of the energy market remains a topic of relevance. All of us - market participants, consumers, authorities - we have questions, we are looking for answers. Under the conditions of rising energy prices, switching to a free market for a consumer can become an advantageous option. On the other hand, in the face of new challenges, suppliers are forced to reinvent themselves, to come up with new products and services to keep customers close and to constantly conquer new customers, "said Mr. Ion Lungu, President of AFEER.

As in previous conferences, when analyzing how Romania understands how to integrate into the single energy market, the evolution of the Romanian energy market in a European context, the latest trends in the field and the challenges of the future for this year's edition, AFEER opted this year for the theme of liberalization of the energy market, which guarantees a competitive, transparent and fair environment for both market players and consumers. Liberalization, as well as the new Energy Package of the European Union, bring new challenges and opportunities for energy providers that are constantly changing, reinventing, adapting their strategies to cope with fierce competition with beneficial effects for the market energy, as well as for the whole economy.

"All market participants, not just suppliers, are forced to adapt to the new conditions. Unfortunately, Romanian legislation has become even more rigid, more bureaucratic. AFEER is calling on the authorities for a legislative revolution. We believe that a radical overhaul of primary and secondary legislation dedicated to the energy sector is needed. The law must support the investor, not destroy him! ", Argues Mr. Lungu.

The annual conference AFEER, the 3rd edition, brought together this year also representatives of important institutions such as the Ministry of Energy, the Parliament, ANRE, as well as of the energy sector companies, energy experts from the country and abroad, suppliers - members of AFEER, in order to continue and develop the working dialogue started at the first edition of an event we traditionally want.

During its 10 years of activity, AFEER has been directly involved in the changes in the energy market, proving it is a reliable partner in dealing with public authorities and other institutions active in the electricity market. "We have always offered our expertise in initiating, drafting and amending legislative acts in the energy field. We organize conferences, seminars, as well as an Energy Fair, a premiere event on the Romanian energy market, to discuss and solve specific problems in order to meet the consumers' needs and to guide the operators to present themselves in line with market expectations. We continue to pursue actions in the campaign for correct and efficient information for consumers of electricity, which has the slogan "An informed consumer is a protected consumer", said Mr. Ion Lungu.

"AFEER will continue its efforts to reintroduce direct bilateral contracts, prohibiting them from discriminating against Romanian producers and suppliers vis-à-vis the other participants in the markets in the region, which have an increased risk of adjusting their trading positions. We advocate an unchanged energy law of at least 10 years to provide investors with guarantees. In parallel, to work on legislative stability and predictability, so that investors can trust the legal system, in the Romanian business environment ", the president of the Association also stressed.

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