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Telecommunications service provider AKTA enters energy business

Following a trend set by RCS&RDS and Telekom Romania, AKTA now wants to become an alternative provider of energy, according to Hotnews.

Digital Cable systems and AKTA Telecom, two companies part of the AKTA brand have decided in June 2015 to take this particular route.Shareholder and General Director of DCS (AKTA), Dinu Melacopol, reportedly said: “ We want to sell energy to our clients starting the beginning of next year, first to customer companies, where there are higher volumes, and, eventually to natural persons as well. We have several thousand company customers and several hundred thousand natural person clients.” He also added that the company is currently undergoing the process of being authorized as an alternative energy provider.
AKTA's Digital Cable Systems, the cable operator which is also currently interested in providing its own mobile telecommunications system, is currently negotiating with two other such providers in order to launch its services by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.
As for AKTA Telecom, its business grew about eight times in 2014.
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