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Romania to become energy hub for South East Europe and West Balkans

Romania plays an important role in the regional energy market and it might soon become even more relevant in this regard. Maros Sefcovic, vice president of the European Commission, in charge of the Energy Union, declared in an interview for Agerpres, during his visit to Romania last week, that the country will “continue to consolidate its role as a regional energy hub”. He notes that Romania would play a very important part in the energy security sector, as many gas pipelines might traverse the country's territory in the future. In this respect, it would be important for the country to develop its energy export capability in terms of interconnection , since it is has an immense capacity for production, therefore this should be an important goal to achieve going forward. Sefcovic also observed that directives regarding state aid for renewable energy have been framed in such a way as to support this segment of the market.He added “We have to make sure that we use regional cooperation to a higher potential and I am very happy that Romania is working so closely with Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic with respect to connecting energy markets. This is a recipe that we would definitely support and recommend in this new design of the energy market which will hopefully, eventually lead to lower electrical bills, greater accessibility and less pollution, therefore making the supply a lot more secure. “
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