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Green Power Generation Investment Project in Sema Parc

River Development, the developer of the Sema Parc and The Light projects, through its property & facility management company Sema Parc, announces the implementation of a photovoltaic power plant for the generation of green - renewable and clean energy in Sema Parc. With a total investment of more than €1 million, the project is due for completion in May 2023 and will initially provide part of the electricity supply to the Paris, Berlin and Bruxelles buildings in Sema Parc.

"Our development strategy aims at the sustainability aspect of each of the functions we create in Sema Parc, and this is reflected in the way we develop all our projects: designed around the needs of the community, aligned with real estate standards and current market requirements. The investment we are announcing today is a natural step in ensuring the health, well-being and meeting the needs of residents in the Sema Parc community through environmentally friendly measures in terms of energy and water consumption, pollution, access to public transport or land use." - says Liviu Birău, General Manager of River Development.

The project consists of an integrated system of 3 photovoltaic sub-power plants. They inject into the system the energy generated by approx. 3,000 solar panels with a total installed capacity of 1.2 MW. The resulting system will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 900 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

"The implementation of this investment project for the installation of photovoltaic power plants in Sema Parc will result in the partial supply of electricity to the Berlin, Paris and Brussels buildings, almost 38,000 sqm (GLA), from a "green", renewable and non-polluting source such as solar energy. We expect to be fully operational in May 2023." - says Lucian Grosaru, General Manager of Sema Parc SA, Sema Parc's facility & property management company.

The project is carried out in partnership with SIMTEL Team, one of the companies with the most extensive expertise in the field of design, equipment supply and installation of photovoltaic power plants, pioneer and leader in the implementation of photovoltaic power plants on industrial roofs in Romania. SIMTEL will also perform corrective and preventive maintenance for these and related equipment.

"We are delighted to work with the community administration of Sema Parc, the place where we have our offices. We are glad to have the opportunity to support the developer River Development, in its journey towards energy efficiency through the construction of photovoltaic power plants, and to contribute to its sustainability goals. Through this project we have the opportunity to come up with the best solutions to increase energy efficiency, optimize costs and increase benefits for Sema Parc’s tenants who, like us, operate in this business community." - says Iulian Nedea, CEO of SIMTEL Team.

The materials and equipment to be used are purchased from leading manufacturers: inverters from FIMER/ABB and SEMA, both leaders in Europe, and switchboard accessories from ABB. The almost 3,000 solar panels to be installed on the terraces of the Paris and Bruxelles office buildings in Sema Parc are produced by Longi Solar, a company that is consistently in the top 3 manufacturers worldwide. The structure on which the panels are mounted comes from K2 Systems, Europe's undisputed leader in this field.

In addition to this investment project, 5 new electric vehicle charging stations have been put into use in Sema Parc since November, in above-ground parking spaces adjacent to the Paris, Bruxelles and Berlin buildings. London and Oslo, also in the immediate vicinity, are also equipped with 17 electric vehicle charging stations in the underground car park shared by the two buildings.

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