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Bucharest becomes for one day a hub for investors in the renewable industry

On May 25, 2023, at the Palace of the Parliament, over 400 professionals, authorities with decision-making power in the energy field and companies that offer services in the field will participate in the Solar Energy Bucharest Summit, the only expo-conference in Romania that will bring together equipment manufacturers for energy production from solar sources in more than 10 countries. Companies from Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Poland and China and integrated service providers from Romania will participate in the second edition of this event. Conceived as a networking platform for companies in the field, the Solar Energy Bucharest Summit enjoys, from 2023, the support of producer associations in Romania and the Middle East.

The event aims to bring together demand and supply on the market of energy production from renewable sources, through the presence of the most important players in the field and to moderate the discussion between professional associations, companies and authorities. More than 22 companies will present their offers to investors who want to develop photovoltaic projects.

The event is supported by strategic partners: Employers’ Organization of Renewable Energy Producers from Romania – PATRES, (organization that includes 114 members, producers of renewable energy from all sources with an installed capacity of over 2 GW and investments in Romania of over 3 billion Euros) and the Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies – ACUE. For the first time on the Romanian market, investors from the Middle East will be represented by the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA), which joined the event as a strategic partner. Denisa Fainis, general secretary of the association, will talk about the investment opportunities in the two markets and will analyze the business models.

The legislative factor, essential for ensuring the economic stability of this field, will be debated together with the representatives of the authorities who confirmed the presence: George Niculescu , President of ANRE, Dan Drăgan, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Energy, Cristina Prună, Vice-President of the commission for services and industries in Parliament of Romania, Vlad Aurel Varga, deputy in the Parliament of Romania – Commission for Environment and Ecological Balance and Zoltan Nagy Bege, director of ANRE.

Also, the representatives of the Ministry of Energy will discuss the new investment flow, will announce when the calls for projects with European funding, respectively the Modernization Fund, will open and when the Contract for Difference mechanism will be implemented.

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