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One United Properties significant shareholders place 234 million shares to institutional investors

Four significant shareholders of One United Properties, including the co-founders Andrei Diaconescu (via OA Liviu Holding Invest), Victor Capitanu (via Vinci VER Holding), Chairman of the Board, Claudio Cisullo (via CC Trust Group AG) and Board Member Marius Diaconu (via Altius S.A.), successfully sold 234,205,285 shares to local and international institutional investors. 

The transaction was carried out with purpose of creating a liquidity event and strengthening the shareholder base by allowing new institutional investors to purchase stake in the Company. 

"Since the IPO in 2021, One United Properties has adeptly navigated through various challenging contexts. At the outset of this year, we have observed a growing interest from global institutional investors in acquiring a stake in our company. To answer this demand, we decided to proceed with a novel transaction, designed to facilitate capturing this institutional interest through a liquidity event. This was achieved by employing a bespoke framework that allowed, on one hand, for the rapid execution while, on the other hand, ensuring necessary pricing flexibility.

As shareholders and board members, our commitment to the vision and continued growth of One United Properties remains as strong as ever. This transaction is not an exit, rather, it is a strategic initiative aimed at refining our shareholding structure and bolstering our governance through an increased institutional presence within the company. We pledge that the majority of the capital garnered from this transaction will be strategically reinvested into the company through the next share capital increase. The capital will support the company's growth plans this year. This reinvestment will undeniably aid in the continued development and expansion of the business, in line with our 2030 strategy. We extend our gratitude to the institutional investors for their trust and confidence in our business,” stated jointly the selling shareholders. 

The 234 million shares were placed to over 60 local and international investors. One United Properties will not receive any proceeds pursuant to this transaction however the selling shareholders want to use capital raised to subscribe shares in the next capital increase of the Company.

Following the transaction, the Company’s co-founders, Victor Capitanu and Andrei Diaconescu jointly hold 50.03% of share capital of One United Properties. 

The transaction was intermediated by SSIF Swiss Capital in the capacity of Global Coordinator and Bookrunner. Filip & Company acted as legal adviser to the selling shareholders. 



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