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Flanco rents 5000 sqm in H.Essers logistics center

Flanco rented a 5,000 sqm unit in the H.Essers logistics center in Bucharest where will deposit over 1.6 million cubic meters of products annually. The new space will allow the IT&C, electronics and appliances retailer to supply its stores in maximum 24 hours, the company said according to Mediafax.

“We chose to work with H.Essers due to the fast and accurate identification of stored products and for the strictness in meeting delivery deadlines. Moreover, we have managed to streamline costs through a 15 percent cut in distribution and storage costs, which will eventually be reflected even in better prices for our customers”, commented Catalin Cirnaru, Supply Chain Manager at Flanco, quoted by the newswire.

Headquartered in Belgium, H.Essers is a premium logistics provider that offers customized and integrated transportation and logistics solutions across Europe where operates 880,000 sqm of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,250 trucks and 2,500 trailers.

Flanco has a domestic network of over 80 stores in 50 cities throughout Romania, employing about 900 people.

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