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Almost 61% of employees believe that the ideal office should be in a multifunctional campus

According to a survey conducted by Genesis Property, out of 1,247 respondents representing multiple generations nationwide, nearly 61% of employees believe the ideal office should be in a campus with many amenities and options for office life and leisure time, with different spaces where they can work according to their needs.

Marcela Stancu, Community Director, Genesis Property.

From a benefits perspective, working in an ideal office makes significant contributions for employees of all generations. Nearly 60% of them believe that such an environment improves their well-being and health, while 50% believe it increases productivity and work efficiency. Nearly half of respondents (49%) also see working in an ideal office as essential for achieving a work-life balance.

"An essential element of the ideal office of our times is the vibrant community it promotes. A modern campus should be a place where employees feel part of a united community, where collaboration and sharing of ideas is encouraged and where employees are valued for their unique contribution. By combining modern facilities, operational flexibility and a strong organisational culture, such a campus becomes an environment conducive to innovation, creativity and long-term performance. Thus, investing in a modern and versatile office is not just a necessity, but an opportunity for companies to attract and retain their most talented employees and strengthen their market position in a competitive and ever-changing world", says Marcela Stancu, Community Director, Genesis Property.

In addition to opportunities for promotion and salary increases (55%), extra benefits package (46.2%) and hybrid working (41%), more than 30% of respondents of all ages consider team collaboration, working environment and facilities as very important when considering a new job.

In fact, almost half of the Romanian employees who responded to the Genesis Property survey believe that the main feature that the ideal office should have is access to the latest technology and tools. Others prefer areas for interaction and collaboration with colleagues (36.5%), green and large spaces near the office (30%) or spaces for socialising in the office and during leisure time (29%). A campus with many amenities is considered ideal by employees of all ages because it offers a variety of options for spending leisure time and coping with everyday stress. Here, employees would have access to relaxation areas, gyms and restaurants that allow them to recharge their batteries and feel inspired.

In terms of sustainability benefits that offices should have, most respondents mentioned indoor and outdoor lighting with LED technology for efficient consumption (51.7%), energy efficient heating and cooling equipment and installations (51%), the importance of photovoltaic panels for providing energy needs (47%), and the use of sensors to monitor and reduce utility consumption (32.5%). Also, just over 20% of respondents highlighted the importance of charging stations for electric cars.

Genesis Property innovates and responds to current challenges and future needs in the job market with YUNITY Park, an innovative real estate concept that completely redefines the employee experience. In addition to state-of-the-art office spaces that meet the highest sustainability standards, the main attractions of the YUNITY Park campus include a 1,000-square-foot urban forest and a 1,500-seat outdoor amphitheater. 2,000 meters of pedestrian pathways and tiered promenade have also been specially constructed in the public space, as well as cascaded water mirrors and creative spaces for relaxation, meetings, and events. Phase II of the project was completed last year, following a 20 million euro investment, and YUNITY Park will enter its final phase of development this year, with a focus on employee experiences.

The Genesis Property survey analysed what Romanians think about the office of the future and was conducted in March 2024, nationwide, through the iVox platform, on a total sample of 1,247 internet users in Romania. Some 48% of participants are female and over 51% have a net income of more than 4,000 lei.

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