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Romanian Chamber of Deputies votes for creation of Agency for the Administration of Sequestered Goods

The law allowing for the creation of the National Agency for the Administration of Sequestered Goods has been voted for in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.It was also given a new name, the National Agency for the Administration of Goods Made Unavailable.(1)

The Agency would be run by a general director, and it was initially agreed upon that the person occupying this function could not have been part of a political party, formation or alliance within the last 5 years. In the end though this clause was modified to so that it would state “the director cannot be part of any political party, formation or alliance”. The general director would be assisted in his duties by an adjunct general director, and, they would both have a four year mandate, renewable one time for another four years.

Robert Cazanciuc, the Minister of Justice was also present at the meeting. “The Agency needs to send an important message beyond that of recuperating damages. Those who commit crimes will not be able to enjoy normal money. There are important things to do going forward in order to have a mature institution, but with political support we can overcome any obstacle. The way the text has finally turned out after debates in the Judicial Commission we think makes it pretty clear that we will have a strong institution which will make criminal proceedings more efficient, and so those committing crimes will know that they will not be able to benefit from the products of their infractions.”


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