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President Iohannis announced the themes for the May 26 Referendum

President Klaus Iohannis announced the themes that were passed to Parliament as of national interest and will be discussed at the May 26 referendum: banning the GEO in the field of crime and banning amnesty and pardon for corruption offences.

Citizens will have to decide whether they want those convicted of corruption to wipe out the effects of convictions and whether they want the Government to adopt the GEO in sensitive areas for organizing the judiciary, "Klaus Iohannis said.

"I have sent to Parliament the letter on the two issues of national interest that will be subjected to popular consultation during the referendum to be held on May 26 together with the European Parliament elections. First: the ban on amnesty and pardon for corruption offenses, the second is the prohibition of the Government's adoption of emergency ordinances in the field of criminal offenses, punishments and judicial organization, correlated with the right of other constitutional authorities to refer directly to the RACs on ordinances.These two topics will be subject to public consultation. if they want those condemned for corruption to wipe out the effects of their conviction and also if they want the Government to adopt emergency ordinances in sensitive areas such as criminal law and the organization of the judiciary, "the head of state said.

The head of state pointed out that "Romanians have shown that they do not accept corruption and theft of public money."

"These facts are unacceptable when they are committed by those elected by citizens to defend their interests and public money," said Iohannis.

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