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Ioan Rus was invested as Minister of Transportation

The social liberal Ioan Rus yesterday evening took oath before President Traian Basescu during the investiture ceremony held at the Cotroceni Palace. Rus was appointment as Minister of Transportation following Dan Sova’s resignation on Tuesday.

Ioan Rus comes from PSD Cluj, being a former Minister of the Interior in the Government lead by Adrian Nastase within 2000 and 2004, position he took again between April and August 2012. During the Nastase Government, Rus was also Deputy Prime Minister.

The President signed earlier on Wednesday the decrees both for appointing Rus as Head of the Ministry of Transportation and for Sova’s resignation.

Dan Sova announced at the beginning of this week that he will quit his office in view of the coming presidential elections this fall.

“I want to formally announce my intention to withdraw from the leadership of the Ministry of Transportation and the Romanian Government, so as to be at the forefront of the battle for presidential elections in Romania”, he said during a press conference on Tuesday.


Sova, who is Vice President of PSD, came at the helm of the Ministry of Transportation in early-March 2014, replacing Ramona Manescu in the reshuffled government invested after the dissolution of the former governing alliance, the Social-Liberal Union.

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