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The quota of green energy which is subsidized was officially reduced

Romanian Government yesterday passed the draft resolution trough which the quota of renewable energy supported through green certificates is diminished. Hence, as Govnet has previously informed, in 2014, the quota of electricity produced using green sources and which receives subventions is 11.1 percent of gross electricity consumption, whilst under the old regulation it should have been 15 percent.

“For 2014 the quota of electricity generated from renewable sources benefitting from green certificates is 11.1 percent of gross final consumption of electricity”, is stated by the respective resolution.

In 2014, the estimated mandatory quota of green certificates to be acquired by economic operators who are obliged to buy GCs is 0.237 GCs/MWh. Given that of a total of some 17.6 million GCs to be issued during this year, just over half, 10.9 million GCs, are enough to meet the maximum quota of green energy which is subsidized, it is expected to see a drop in the GCs price whose new trading limits established by Romania’s Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) range from about 29 euro to 59 euro.

Romania supports the production of green energy, through green certificate which are issued by Transelectrica and are granted for free to green energy producers. In their turn, they sell them to electricity suppliers who are compelled to acquire a quota of GCs as established by ANRE, the associated costs being included in the electricity bills. 

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