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Deputies passed the bill on deferring liberalization of gas market for households until 2021

The Chamber of Deputies passed the draft law that delays the liberalization of the gas market for households until 2021 among other amendments and additions to the electricity and gas law, the oil law and an emergency ordinance, reads Agerpres.

So the deregulation process of the gas market for households will be deferred by over two years as the initial deadline was December 31, 2018.

The president of the Commission of industries, Iulian Iancu, explained some of the legislative updates within the Parliament. He also referred to concept of industrial consumer which was redefined. “It actually offers the possibility for industrial operators to connect to the national transport system, too, saving a significant percentage of costs”,he stated.

Furthermore, the provisions of the latest European directive on compressed natural gas were introduced, Romania being compelled to ensure that 20 percent of the fuel used by all means of transport is compressed natural gas in 2020.
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