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KYC Global to talk at BRCC event about the most effective way to combat money laundering in the post COVID world

On 21 January 2021, Jeremy Swetenham, Director Sales and Channel partnerships, will be a guest speaker at an online event hosted by the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC), titled ‘The most effective way to combat money laundering in the post Covid world’. 

KYC Global Technologies is a leading global provider of AML screening and client lifecycle risk management software. The business was established by some of the world’s leading AML experts and financial crime lawyers. Its RiskScreen and PanOptic solutions are used by hundreds of businesses, regulators and law enforcement agencies across the world. The commitment and expertise of KYC Global Technologies in financial crime prevention extends to operating KYC360, the world’s leading AML online knowledge portal.

Jeremy will be joining Michael McNeir, a Bucharest-based trainer and consultant in financial crime who is CEO of his own business Forum Financial Advisory & Training Solutions SRL.  Together they will be discussing the latest approaches to money laundering. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Protect their business and reputation from the rapidly changing threats of financial crime
  • Improve the efficiency and speed of their compliance processes
  • Enhance strategic decision making within their risk and compliance function
  • Increase the accuracy of their board and regulatory reporting.

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About KYC Global

KYC Global Technologies Ltd is an innovative RegTech company with headquarters in Jersey. Its best-of-breed RiskScreen and PanOptic compliance platforms enable hundreds of businesses, regulators and law enforcement agencies around the world to onboard, screen and manage the risk of their customers and stakeholders throughout their life cycle. KYC Global also runs the AML news and analysis website, KYC360, visited daily by thousands of AML professionals; and KYC Global’s founder, Stephen Platt, is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in financial crime prevention. The business is privately owned, and was independently ranked as one of the world’s Top 100 Risk Technology businesses in 2021.

About Forum Financial Advisory & Training Solutions SRL

Forum Financial Advisory & Training Solutions SRL was formed in March 2020 with its base in Bucharest. It is focused on delivering a variety of Financial Advisory matters to businesses, investigations, background checks and various aspects of Financial Crime training such as criminal and terrorism financing, fraud and other areas of dirty money! Its CEO and founder Michael McNEIR is a former Metropolitan Police Detective and Financial Investigator where he assisted in investigating many successfully prosecuted high profile investigations in the Homicide & Serious Crime Command and Organised Crime Unit. He has also conducted many presentations on Financial Crime in the United Kingdom, Montenegro and Romania.

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