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Knauf Group will invest over 200 million euros in Romania

The Knauf Group, which includes Knauf Insulation Romania and Knauf Gips, announces the largest investment in the field in Romania in the last 5 years, worth over 200 million euros.

The German group's investment in the local market will materialize through the development of two production units in Mureș and Cluj counties, for insulation materials, respectively for plasterboard and metal profiles, which together will generate over 200 new jobs.

The objectives of the investments are to encourage the local production of construction materials, giving Romania the opportunity to ensure part of the domestic needs, as well as to become an exporter in the region, especially in the context where supply chains are affected and influence the European logistics capacity .

The investment in the new factory of Knauf Insulation, one of the biggest players on the market of insulating materials, part of the Knauf Group, worth more than 135 million euros, will contribute to the increase of energy efficiency in Eastern Europe.
In the first stage, more than 4 million euros were invested in the modernization and retrofitting of the existing factory, taken over by the company at the beginning of the year, in order to increase the production from 7,000 tons per year of mineral wool to 10,000 tons.

The new production facility to be completed in 2024 will be the most modern Knauf Insulation batting plant in Central and Eastern Europe, will create more than 100 new jobs and ensure an annual production of more than 75,000 tons of mineral wool with the aim of serving both domestic needs and markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Knauf Gips will invest 76 million euros in a plasterboard and metal profile factory in Huedin, Cluj county.  According to company representatives, construction work will start next year, with production expected to begin in the second half of 2024. The factory in Huedin is designed to meet the most demanding standards in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact, this year sense being equipped with the most innovative technology in the field of ovens and dryers. The total number of newly created jobs will reach 100.

The factory will process raw material from the Leghia gypsum quarries, have an annual capacity of 30 million m2 and produce the full range of plasterboard from standard to special for fire protection, moisture resistance and with superior sound insulation performance. Also, the new Knauf Gips factory will be equipped with a production line for metal profiles, which will annually produce over 15 million linear meters.

The products that will be delivered to the domestic market will amount to about 50% of the production capacities, the rest being intended for export to nearby countries such as Hungary, Serbia and the Republic of Moldova. The factory in Huedin will cover the demand in the north of the country, and for the one in the south, imports from Bulgaria are expected to continue.
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