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La Fântâna invests 2 million euros in an automated bottling line in Tălmaciu

La Fântâna, leader on the B2B market of bottled water in Romania, owned by Swedish investment fund Oresa Ventures along with Romanian entrepreneur Cristian Amza - has inaugurated a fully automated bottling line at its factory in Tălmaciu, near Sibiu. The 2 million euro investment will streamline the bottling process of spring water in 19-litres containers (used with watercooler systems) and spring water in reusable 8-litre bottles. The new production line is fully automated and eases the process by managing the loading and offloading containers, which was previously done with human help.

In 2021, La Fântâna had a turnover of EUR 48M, up from the EUR 44M recorded the previous year. The development of the company facilitates, from year to year, investments in sustainable projects, based on high-performance technologies, in order to make operational processes more efficient. The financing of the project was made, moreover, from its own resources - a fact that proves that La Fântâna not only understands the need for radical changes, but also takes steps in this direction.

"The investment at Tălmaciu is in line with the sustainable business decisions of La Fântâna. The new technology is ensuring increased, more efficient production with similar energy consumption, as well as a safe and more comfortable working environment for employees", said Cristian Amza, CEO La Fântâna Romania. ”This new line is an acquired objective in the group’s wider growth strategy that includes major investments in both people and technology in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations as well as talking in superlatives when referring to La Fântâna’s safety, performance, efficiency and governance”, he added.

La Fântâna introduced sustainable systems not only at production lines but also in distribution and energy consumption. The 8 and 19 litres packages are part of water delivery services that involve reusing the containers, thus reducing the amount of single-use plastic consumed for a vital need such as drinking water. The company aims at the proper reuse and recycling of bottles, but also at facilitating the supply of spring water nationwide. 

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