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Union with Basarabia is possible, but not in the near future

"A union with Basarabia is possible, but at the same time I don't believe it would be happening in the near future," the head of state stated. He underlined that three conditions must be fulfilled in order to accomplish the union with the Republic of Moldova. "Romanians should want it, Moldovan people should want it, and neither in Romania, nor in the Republic of Moldova can there be disputes on their own territory, which is under international jurisdiction," Iohannis pointed out, quoted by Agerpress. The head of state mentioned that if these conditions are fulfilled "it's very possible that such a process begin and be successful." "Without the minimal conditions, it remains a beautiful desideratum and not a political project," Iohannis added. He claimed that the unionist movements have distanced Moldovans from Romania. The President brought to mind that Romania and the Republic of Moldova have a very special relation, but mentioned that in numerous occasions our country helped persons instead of institutions of the Republic of Moldova.

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