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6 million euros invested in a new medical center specialized in breast disorders

After almost 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast disorders, Dr. Gabriel Cristian Viişoreanu launched the Breast Institute - an integrated medical center specialized in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast disorders.

The new private clinic operates within Proestetica Hospital in Bucharest and has an operator block with 3 operating theaters, including several specialized departments dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, postoperative care through kinetotherapy and lymphatic drainage, oncopsychology and medical counseling. It is also considering its development with a complex department of imaging, medical oncology and in the final stage, radiotherapy. 

“The investment in the Breast Institute has started from about 1 million euros, but there is a great emphasis on its expansion. The whole project and the final purchases will reach somewhere between 5-6 million euros and the estimated time is one year," the clinic representatives told

"The decision to set up an integrated center dedicated to breast disorders came in the context in which, in Romania, breast cancer affects approximately 10,000 women every year. Unfortunately, most of them come too late at the doctor, which seriously affects their chances of survival," said Dr. Cristian Viişoreanu, founder of the Breast Institute. 

Currently, in Romania, through the collaboration between the surgical oncology team, led by Dr. Cristian Viişoreanu, and the Proestetica Hospital plastic surgery team, led by Dr. Dana Jianu, the doctors will be able to perform mastectomies / surgical interventions to remove the malignant tumor with mammary reconstruction, patients benefiting from breast reconstruction in the same surgical procedure.
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