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Undeclared incomes of wealthy Romanians discovered by ANAF

Following a campaign to track down undeclared income of wealthy Romanians, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) found almost 87 million lei that will be subject to taxation. The 336 individuals checked, each with an estimated wealth of over 20 million euro per person were unable to prove the legit source and taxed money. 
 Tax checks started in 2014 with the individuals for whom a significant difference was found between the incomes estimated based on the personal financial situation and the statements filed with the tax authorities. Tax checks were completed in 2015 for the first 10 persons in the 336-strong group of high net worth individuals who are subject to tax risk checks and compliance programs reports Agerpress. 
 The outcomes of the checks performed on the first 10 persons in the group (for 2011 incomes) show that of the total of over 86.948 million lei, more than 23.771 million lei are undeclared incomes from unidentified sources, 3.803 million lei are taxes on extra revenues and over 2.437 million lei are delay penalties and interest rates.
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