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The National Arena obtains the DEKRA Trusted Facility certification following a complete and complex audit process

In the complicated health context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also as a result of UEFA directives and protocols on football competitions with spectators, the Romanian Football Federation entrusted to DEKRA Romania the extremely important mission of auditing and certifying the National Arena in Bucharest as Trusted Facility, by assessing the health protection measures as specified by the World Health Organization as well as by UEFA requirements, guidelines and protocols.

The evaluation was performed by a team of DEKRA auditors over 2 days and included a stage to verify the functionality of health security measures before, during and after the match Romania - Germany in the preliminaries of the 2022 World Cup.

The checklists were complex, consisting of 266 checkpoints on general issues and 129 checkpoints on specific UEFA issues.

The DEKRA Trusted Facility Certification thus confirms that the measures implemented by the Romanian Football Federation in order to comply with national and international health and hygiene regulations and protocols as well as the procedures established by international forums are complete and functional, the safety of spectators and staff being insured.

The future national and international competitions hosted by the National Arena - including the matches of the European Football Championship 2020 - will also be under the sign of safety, the Romanian Football Federation being so far the only entity at European level that has chosen independent and impartial validation of measures. protection against the spread of COVID-19 by an international certification body.

The Romanian Football Federation and the National Arena thus have the necessary tools to obtain a real security of the spectators, of the staff and of the activities as a whole.

All DEKRA certified locations according to the Trusted Facility standard can be viewed on the portal.

For more information about the DEKRA Standard Trusted Facility access this link of write us an e-mail at: [email protected]

Peace of mind can be rebuilt, security verified and trust gained.

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