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The Champions of the Courier and Postal Services Sector announced in the Awards Gala ceremony

FAN Courier is the courier company of the year, and Sameday Courier is the winner of 4 categories in the 2019 Courier and Postal Services Awards Gala, organized by GovNet Romania. 

After the success registered every spring by the Romanian Courier and Postal Services Forum, the only event dedicated to this dynamic sector, it is time that the merits and performances are officially recognized after a full year of achievements. Thus, the guests of the Gala had the opportunity to celebrate the special results, the success of the courier and postal services sector and to interact in a relaxed, less formal environment.

The company with the highest percentage increase in turnover - Sameday Courier, which in 2018 doubled its turnover compared to 2017; the other two, in order, are GLS General Logistics Systems Romania and FAN Courier.

Investment of the year in the courier sector - Sameday Courier, which inaugurated in October 2019 the new logistics center, located near Chitila, following a total investment of 20 million euros. The logistics center covers an area of 22,000 square meters and has 106 ramps and two automatic sorting belts that can process together up to 25,000 packages per hour.

The other two nominees were FAN Courier, with the nine million euros invested in the car fleet, and Pink Post for the investment of 1.5 million euros in the development of the new Express Services, consisting of the delivery of small envelopes and packages to the final recipient. within 24/48 hours.

The best website - Sameday Courier,

The best fixed point delivery service - easybox by Sameday Courier. The other two nominations were Collect Point (Pick Up) by FAN Courier and Pachetomatele Posta Panduri.

Innovation of the year in the courier sector - the "Teleportation" service by Posta Panduri, which consists in the instant pick up of the products from the PostaPanduri lockers - a unique service in Romania, which offers the customers the opportunity to pick up the order as soon as they have completed it, paying online, with the card, through the online payment service, the parcel can be picked up from the chosen package.

The other two nominations were the new ROUND by PinkPost service, which ensures the take-over and delivery of the internal flow of correspondence between headquarters and branches of the same company, based on a monthly subscription configured according to the client's requirements, as well as the Application "One click for courier" by SAMEDAY Courier, which allows the collection of leads, automatic enrollment of clients and contracting in a completely digital form, without printed documents, signatures or stamps, using only electronic acceptance.

Transaction of the year in the courier sector - FAN Courier for the acquisition of SLS Cargo.

Manager of the year in the courier sector was awarded to Cristi Petcu - general manager of Pink Post, founder of Pink Post Group, the largest private company active in postal services on the Romanian market. The other nominees in this category were Lucian Baltaru - CEO and shareholder of Sameday Courier, Victor Racariu - General manager CEE Glovo and Cornel Morcov - Chief Commercial Officer of FAN Courier.

The company of the year in the courier and postal services sector is FAN Courier, which estimates that it will end this year's financial year with a turnover of 166 million euros. If 2018 was a year of investments, 2019 was a year of consolidation. FAN Courier aims to maintain the organic growth of the previous years, which is an increase of 15%, compared to the result of 2018. For 2019, FAN Courier has budgeted 15 million euros for the projects started, the development, modernization and technology of new regional HUBs, fleet investments, IT and employee training. The FAN Courier fleet has exceeded 4,200 vehicles this year.

The other companies nominated were Pink Post and Sameday Courier.

The ninth prize dedicated to the courier and postal services provider was presented to Ro Systec Group in partnership with Boewe Systec, for the sorting band OPTISORTER implemented at Sameday Courier.

The other companies nominated were Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions for Truck Yard management implemented at Fan Courier and ZITEC which provided Sameday Courier with the eAWB application and the company website, launched in June 2019.

The tenth prize went to the partners of the courier companies. Thus, based on the nominations of courier companiues, Ford Transit won the distinction of the Car of the Year category

The other cars nominated were Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen T6.

The partners "Romanian Courier and Postal Services Busines Awards for Excellence 2019" were: Fan Courier, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, Ford Romania, Kimberly Clark, Pink Post, Ro Systec Group in partnership with Boewe Systec, Total Technologies, Sameday Courier, Wirecard and Zebra Technologies.

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