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The Black Friday campaign will bring FAN Courier orders at least 30% higher in November

FAN Courier expects this year's edition of Black Friday to generate an average increase of 30% in transported volumes and exceeding the threshold of 500,000 shipments on the first day after the end of the campaign. To meet the peak of activity, the company has invested over 15 million euros in equipment for delivery and management of shipments and customer relations, expanded storage capacity and supplemented the car fleet and staff.

"Black Friday is a project that is constantly growing from one year to another and for which we start preparing from the middle of the year, based on the results of the previous year but also on the trends we observe from one month to another. As a rule, November brings volume increases of up to 40% compared to the daily average during the year, including Black Friday, which, for us, ends a maximum of two weeks from the end of the welding campaign. We expect and prepare for a similar scenario for this year's campaign and we are all focused on keeping our promise to deliver all products on time, ”said Cornel Morcov, Chief Commercial Officer of FAN Courier.

The company's representative believes that, although this year, amid the pandemic caused by SARS-COV2, the courier industry was constantly in demand at full capacity, Black Friday could generate growth similar to that of the previous year. At the same time, it does not rule out the possibility that there may be significant differences in the areas of delivery of shipments.

"The analyzes showed us that the fashion sector could have a significant increase this year. In addition to IT&C and hygiene products, the top of the requirements could be furniture and interior decoration products, which have increased up to ten times in the last five years. White products - large appliances - are no longer so requested by Black Friday ", explains the company official.

Regarding the "map" of orders, the company says that there is no special territorialization, the peak period generating high volumes in all areas. "There are cities that have a high share of consumption such as Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Craiova, Timisoara but there are also the outer areas of the main cities that, during this period, receive more packages. We expect this year to have an increase in international shipments, both in the volumes of customers in Romania who ship abroad - Bulgaria, Ukraine, EU member states but also in international companies that have deliveries in Romania.

FAN Courier has started preparations for the Black Friday period in the middle of the year. The company has invested more than 4 million euros to replace the 3,600 PDAs and in an application for managing shipments by couriers, introduced a chatbot in communication with customers and continued to develop the ticketing application.

“As every year, we made sure that we have enough storage capacity to cope with the large volume of orders but also the appropriate transport and handling capacity. Consequently, in recent months, we have expanded our team by another 350 people and supplemented the car fleet with more than 300 vehicles in the entire range - trucks for transport between branches and the fleet needed for deliveries and collections ", added Cornel Morcov.

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