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Romanian ports see a twenty percent freight traffic increase

Freight traffic registered through the three Romanian maritime ports is up 20 percent from January through May to more than 23 million tonnes.
 The Maritime Ports Administration National Company of Constanta informed in a release that the maritime traffic amounted to 17.3 million tonnes (up 13.5 percent from 15.3 million tonnes in January-May 2014), and the river traffic to 5.7 million tonnes (up from 4 million tonnes, owing to favorable navigation conditions on the Danube River). 

For the considered period, the traffic advanced for cereals, from 4.16 million tonnes to 8.66 million tonnes; for oil products from 2 million tonnes to 2.2 million tonnes; for minerals and non-ferrous waste from 1 million tonnes to 1.32 million tonnes; and for solid mineral fuels from 669,373 tonnes to 1.3 million tonnes. Cereals accounted for 37.6 of the traffic over the period; crude oil for 11.9 percent; various other freight for 12 percent; and oil products for 9.5 percent.
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