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Packeta launches mobile application for parcel delivery for individuals

Packeta Romania, the local branch of Packeta Group, a global digital platform for e-commerce and the company with the largest network of pick-up points in Central and Eastern Europe, launches the Packeta mobile application for parcel delivery, intended for individuals, who can send parcels at any of the pick-up points in the company's network or directly at the address , using the dedicated "Pentru Tine" service. 

The Packeta application allows you to send, receive and return packages, quickly, without waiting times, directly at pick-up points or at the address, and also provides an overview of all shipments. 

How parcel delivery works through the Packeta mobile app:

  1. Users pack the goods for shipment in a suitable package and enter in the application the data necessary to send the package;

  2. Choose the nearest pick-up point, hand over the package there and communicate to the operator the code for sending the package generated by the application;

  3. The operator at the pick-up point applies a shipping label on the package and will hand over the package to Packeta drivers;

  4. Packeta will deliver the parcel to the recipient at the pick-up point or to the specified delivery address. If the shipment also involved a cash on delivery, upon delivery, the indicated amounts will be transferred to the related accounts within10 days.

Parcels can be sent to any individual in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia at advantageous costs, starting from 11.9 lei (delivery at pick-up point) or from 18 lei (delivery to the address) in Romania. The new service will be available in the near future in several states, Packeta's plan being that it will be available in all countries where there are local entities.

The launch of the Packeta mobile application and the parcel delivery service "Pentru Tine" takes place in the context of the increasing demand from individuals for simple, fast and low-cost delivery solutions, in a market where the volumes of parcels delivered have increased considerably lately. 

At the same time, it is part of Packeta Romania's development strategy, which involves the diversification of the services in the portfolio, in the context of an accelerated growth on the Romanian market. 

The company recently announced that it has exceeded 800 pick-up points in Romania, in the context of the increased demand for alternative delivery solutions, Packeta Romania's objective of expanding the network to over 1,000 pick-up points in 2022.

The popularity of this type of delivery service is expanding in Romania. For example, only last year, the volume of parcels sent to the pick-up points doubled, the representatives of Packeta Romania counting on a doubling of the number of parcels this year as well. 

The parcels sent through the "Pentru Tine" service will be delivered in 24/48 hours in Romania and Hungary, except for weekends.

"We estimate that we will operate several thousand parcels monthly by the end of the year through the Packeta mobile application. Given the fact that it is a new service, we expect a monthly average of 5,000 - 10,000 downloads of the Packeta mobile application by individual customers", says Alexandr Jeleascov, CEO of Packeta Romania. Users of the application will benefit from special promotions, highlighted within the application. 

The Packeta application can be downloaded for free, both from the AppStore, for devices with iOS operating system, and from Google Play, for Android users, and the first shipment of packages with pick-up from the pick-up point located in Romania will cost only 1 leu. 

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