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Metrorex's General Manager leaves the company

Aurel Radu, the General Manager of Metrorex since 2012, has stepped down following recent talks with the Minister of Transport, Ioan Rus, informs a press release of the ministry.

Today, March 24, 2015, the members of the General Meeting of Shareholders of SC Bucharest Subway Transport 'Metrorex' – SA took note of Mr. Andrei Radu giving up the contract for his term as General Manager,” states the said release.

The shareholders of the company designated Catalin Homor, Investments and Public Procurement Manager within Metrorex, to take over Aurel Radu's responsibilities until a new General Manager will be appointed.

Metrorex is the company which runs the subway transport in Romania's capital city, company operating under the authority of the Ministry of Transport.

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