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Kaufland Romania obtains the DEKRA certification - Trusted Facility for all locations in Romania

The health situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has an unprecedented negative impact on various economic sectors, with the current need to quickly restart business, reorganize processes, monitor risks, rebuild trust and provide security to customers and employees.

Security, trust and a sense of protection are therefore the guidelines on which companies are now based.

Kaufland Romania has chosen the independent and impartial audit services provided by DEKRA Romania to assess compliance with national and international health and hygiene regulations and protocols for risk prevention and the adoption of continuous monitoring and control procedures regarding the services provided, in order to prevent the spread of COVID -19.

The safety of Kaufland Romania's customers and employees in the current extremely volatile context, represents the main elements of differentiation in the competitive scenario of the Retail sector and the strategic key of the new normality.

Kaufland Romania has chosen the DEKRA audits according to the Trusted Facility Standard for all stores, warehouses and headquarters in Romania (135 stores and 2 warehouses) to evaluate the hygiene measures implemented in the organizational processes, in order to have a complete dashboard on the soundness and reliability of the entire value chain.

The ultimate goal is to assess and, where appropriate, redefine the adequacy of existing health and safety standards and align and strengthen management approaches and staff skills in the current context.

DEKRA audits, scalable and integrated with Kaufland's activities, are conducted through checklists based on key international and local recommendations and protocols:

• WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations

• Recommendations and requirements of local agencies and authorities

• DEKRA’s best practices for risk prevention and management

Kaufland Romania thus has the tools to achieve real security for customers, employees and the business as a whole.

All DEKRA certified locations according to the Trusted Facility standard can be viewed on the online portal:

More details about the Trusted Facility Standard and the certification procedure can be checked by accessing:

Peace of mind can be rebuilt, security verified, and trust gained.

About Kaufland

Kaufland is one of the largest retail companies in Europe, with 1,300 stores in 8 countries, 132,000 employees and a network of 135 stores in Romania. In 2019, Kaufland Romania received for the third time the Best Buy Award certification, which certifies that it is the chain of stores with the best quality-price ratio on the local market. Kaufland also holds the Customers ’Friend award for the company with the best customer service, awarded by the ICERTIAS International Institute, following a market analysis. Kauflands’ strategy aims to fulfill customers' wishes with an emphasis on guarantees and services, variety, a high level of quality and, of course, attractive prices.


In traffic, at work and at home - DEKRA experts provide increased safety in all key areas of life. The company has a clear and ambitious vision for the future. The vision for 100 years of existence, in 2025, is to become a global partner for a safe world.

The broad portfolio of services provided by qualified, independent and impartial experts ranges from testing and certification of products and management systems, mandatory and voluntary audits and evaluations, vehicle inspection, to industrial and construction inspections, safety advice, training courses and temporary work.

DEKRA generated in 2019 revenues totaling over 3.4 billion Euros, the company having approximately 44,000 employees in over 60 countries on all six continents.

Vision 2025 describes DEKRAs’ pursuits for the future, and contains five elements:

• DEKRA's image of the future: "We live in a safe world" is based on the human need for security and represents the desire to be consistent in our total dedication to safety;

• DEKRA's vision: "We will be the global partner for a safe world" describes our ambition for the future;

• DEKRA's mission: "We provide security" describes our role in society;

• DEKRA’s corporate principles: these are strategic directions towards which the company is oriented;

• DEKRA’s social values: serve as guidelines for the daily behavior of all employees.

DEKRA: Active, diligent, visionary

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