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Industrial production prices fell by 0.1 pct in November 2014

Industrial production prices continued the decline in November 2014 with a drop by 0.1 percent compared to the previous month, price decreases being recorded both for the local market (-0.2 percent) and for the non-domestic market (-0.1 percent). As regards the same month of the previous year, there was a slight change leading to a decrease by 0.2 percent of the prices which increased by 0.6 percent for the domestic market while falling by 1.5 percent  for the non-domestic market, shows a release of the National Institute of Statistics (INSSE).

By main industrial groups, in November 2014, compared to October 2014, capital goods and non-durable consumer goods saw increases in prices by 0.3 percent and by 0.1 percent, respectively, whilst price decreases were recorded for energy products (by 0.7 percent) and for durable consumer goods (by 0.3 percent).

As for 2013, industrial production prices increased significantly in November 2014 over the corresponding month of the previous year for non-durable consumer goods (by 1.2 percent), for durable consumer goods and for intermediate goods, both by 1 percent. Prices for capital goods and for energy products, on the other hand, declined by 1.6 percent and by 0.3 percent, respectively.

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