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Holcim Technical School opens in Alesd

Holcim announced is starting the courses of the Technical School in Aleșd. a program which will run for a period of 2 years and aims to prepare new specialists in the construction industry. 20 young high school graduates will have the opportunity, after completing their studies, to join Holcim Romania Group.

Developed in partnership with Technical College "Alexandru Roman" in Aleșd, Holcim Technical School is a free educational program, recognized by the Ministries of Labor and Education, dedicated to young people aged 18-25. In addition to the solid theoretical basis they will gain, the students will have a various series of practical sessions, which are provided by specialists in the construction industry from Holcim and Somaco. At the end of the 2 years of educational program, the graduates will become technicians in the cement industry.

"Holcim Technical School is a soul project for us, because it is one of the ways in which Holcim is directly involved in the education of young people and the training of tomorrow's professionals in the industry," said Florina Rusneac, Human Resources Manager, Holcim Aleșd and Turda.

The company announced the start of this project in May, starting an extensive process of attracting technical high school graduates in this program. The process was a complex one, which involved a series of actions on several levels, aimed at both students and parents and teachers.

"Given that most high school graduates are going to college or want to go abroad, it has really been a challenge to find young people interested in technical fields. However, what we managed to do was to put in perspective the major benefit of such a program, namely that it will ensure a smoother transition into the work field and that they will have a secure job. We consider that it is very important for the private environment, regardless of the industry, to be actively involved in the formation of the next generations, if we truly want highly trained professionals, especially in a sector as dynamic as construction”, added Florina Rusneac.

Holcim Technical School students will study: cement manufacturing technology, mechanical maintenance, prevention, electrical, quality control, precast technology, health and safety at work, environmental protection.

“The opening of the Technical School in Alesd is an important investment for the future. This project is a shining example of a public-private project in education that serves as a model for many other industries in this country. It is also an assessment of a very bright future that awaits us in the construction industry. With a well-trained technical workforce today, we are contributing to a successful future”, stated H.E. Arthur Mattli, Ambassador of Switzerland.

During the 2 years of studies, all the expenses will be fully supported by Holcim Romania Group. Moreover, merit scholarships will be provided, considering students’ individual performance.

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