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Groupama Inpatient Insurance - flexible for your budget and motivating for your employees

A crisis can be a catalyst for important changes, whether we are talking about individual choices or structural business changes. 
Often, however, a small or medium-sized firm must choose an appropriate investment time, depending on the day-to-day challenges and priorities of budget distribution, and may postpone purchasing insurance for its employees versus adopting other tools to motivate them. 
Moreover, the language of insurance is not always perceived as transparent or simple and can also lead to the postponement of the investment moment in them.

Groupama proposes a new, simple, transparent solution, adaptable to any budget, flexible in terms of coverage: health insurance for hospitalization and surgery (inpatient) for small and medium-sized businesses. 
This insurance is a product for medical situations that require hospitalization and / or surgery in any private or state hospital, complementing the medical subscription and state health insurance, offering employees financial support to get through difficult times in their lives.
For simplicity, Groupama Inpatient Insurance has 2 access options
  • "Anywhere" (in any private or public hospital) and
  • "In the Regina Maria Private Network". 
Thus, the product offers the possibility to customize the insurance according to the business budget and the employees' preferences.
For Inpatient Insurance "Anywhere" you can choose between:
  • an economic insurance, with a fixed indemnity, regardless of the chosen hospital
  • flexible insurance, which includes the direct settlement of the bill for services for private hospitals such as: Regina Maria medical network, Monza Hospital, Ovidius Clinical Hospital (OCH), Muntenia Hospital, reimbursement of medical expenses for any other private hospital in Romania or abroad and allowance fixed for state hospitals
For "In the Regina Maria Private Network" there is the benefit of direct settlement, according to the contractual conditions within the Regina Maria network.
The annual insured amount for each employee starts from 5,000 lei per employee per year and can be multiplied a maximum of 5 times, up to 25,000 lei per employee per year. Along with the insured amount, the daily allowance per day of hospitalization that the employee receives also increases. Birth is included in any basic package.
The insurance is renewed annually, the company having the possibility to choose the payment frequency: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. In addition, the cost of insurance is deductible from taxable income. No medical evaluation is required for groups of more than 10 people.
Regardless of the package chosen, additional insurance can be added, with specific benefits including: counseling sessions, coaching and psychotherapy, medical chat, convalescence after hospitalization, medical expenses, fractures, burns, serious illness or microsurgery.
Groupama also has in its portfolio the Integrated Health Insurance, a product that proposes an integrated healthcare solution through prevention(outpatient), diagnosis and treatment (hospitalization, birth and surgery-inpatient), in partnership with the Regina Maria Health Network.

Choose an insured future and ask for a private health insurance offer.
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