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Record increase in pandemic for Gebrüder Weiss Romania's home delivery service

The Home Delivery Service from the portfolio of Gebrüder Weiss Romania registered, in 2020, significant increases for all key performance indicators. Compared to the previous year, the number of shipments was 123% higher - over 130,000 shipments, reflecting the 85% increase in turnover in this segment.

The results for the company's home delivery service were recorded in the context of the huge expansion of online commerce due to the social restrictions generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Restriction of free movement and quasi-generalization of work at home have increased interest in construction projects or interior design, leading, implicitly, to the multiplication of orders in the segments of DIY, building materials, appliances and furniture.

The Home Delivery service, based on home delivery of cargo orders (between 25 and 45 kg), was favored by this situation and by the reorientation of several retailers to online sales. At the company level, double-digit increases for Home Delivery offset the declines in freight transport from March to April 2020.

Launched in 2018, Gebrüder Weiss Romania's home delivery service has been designed to cover the large order segment. It is a niche product, which the Gebrüder Weiss holding company offers at group level in several Western European countries. For the second half of 2021, the company's plans include optimizing this service in the local market by introducing additional options, which are already enjoyed by outside customers: furniture assembly and installation services.

“We have relied on specialized home deliveries since two years ago, being obvious the upward trajectory of online commerce. The pandemic was an accelerating factor, but it propelled an already matured product, with very good results. The surprise was the percentage increase, which also managed to cover most of the spring decreases in other business segments of the company ", mentions Viorel Leca, general manager of Gebrüder Weiss Romania.

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