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FAN Delivery, the online personal shopping platform launched by FAN Courier, expands in Timisoara

FAN Delivery, the fast delivery online personal shopping platform, launched last year by FAN Courier, is accelerating its national expansion and is operational, starting this month in Timișoara, the third largest city, after Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. 

Through the FAN Delivery application, customers can purchase a wide range of products, which will be delivered within a maximum of 90 minutes, with a shipping fee of 1 lei in the first month after launch.

The inhabitants of Timișoara but also those from the neighboring localities - Giarmata-Vii, Dumbrăvița, Ghiroda, Chișoda, Giroc, Moşnița Nouă and Moșnița Veche - have at their disposal the services of FAN Delivery, a personal shopping platform through which they can buy the most diverse products. , with home delivery as soon as possible.

The company continues in Timișoara the strategic partnership with the Auchan chain of stores, concluded at launch and valid in all cities where the platform expands. The vendors available on the platform also include the perfume and cosmetics distributor My Geisha and the English Home goods store.

The products ordered in any of the stores registered on the platform will be delivered in 90 minutes, and the delivery fee will be 1 leu, between April and May.

"According to the development strategy, this year we are implementing an accelerated expansion plan, so that, in December 2022, we will be present in 10 representative cities of the country. The results obtained in Bucharest motivated us to expand quickly so that the launch in Timișoara comes just a few weeks after Cluj-Napoca. The market indicates an as yet unmet need for such fast delivery platforms in Romanian cities, that's why we want to reach as many customers as possible, in as many areas of the country as possible. FAN Delivery is exactly the service that busy people need, who have very little free time, who would prefer to spend it with their family and not shopping. We help them to optimize their time, offering our customers the opportunity to purchase, through the application, a wide range of products, from hypermarkets, cosmetics and electronics, flowers, books or gifts. As we have already become accustomed to our customers, we also maintain the partnership with the Auchan chain in Timișoara, so that our customers can buy their favorite products from the stores that the retailer has in the city ", said Dragoș Arnăutu, CEO of FAN Delivery.

To become an in-app vendor, a company must access the "Vendor Enrollment" section on the same platform.

Launched in Bucharest at the end of last year, the FAN Delivery mobile application and the online platform performed well both in terms of product offerings registered through sellers, but also in terms of demand from final consumers. After the first two months since its launch in Bucharest, 28 vendors were enrolled in the FAN Delivery application, and at least another 20 will enter the platform soon.

The personal shopping platform aims to exceed 10 million lei and a daily average of 700 orders in the first 12 months of activity.

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