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FAN Courier launches eBOX online delivery option

FAN Courier, the leader of the local courier market, launches this month eBOX, the online delivery option that allows customers to take full control of deliveries and pick them from lockers with 24/7 access. The new service, implemented as a pilot project in Bucharest, is an alternative to the classic courier service, intended for people who can not or will not wait for the courier to the address.

"EBOX is the newest delivery option available to customers whose appetite for online shopping is not only growing but also intertwined with the increased need for mobility. It is an easy solution for customers who do not want or can not wait for the courier to address their day's schedule without considering their route and schedule. Lockers are located in 24/7 access places, so the parcel can be lifted at any time for 7 days. It is also a delivery solution for us, so our couriers do not have to return to the address several times in order to be able to deliver if at the first touch the customer was not found at the address or if he requested the delivery at one hour what is not in the courier work schedule, "said Roxana Magopet, Marketing & PR Manager at FAN Courier.

The online shopping customer will have the eBOX delivery option available on the partner's website and can opt for this delivery solution by choosing the locker with the most convenient location. For the first year, the service offers only the pick-up option, which means that the recipient can pick up the expedition already paid and without a refund. Subsequently, FAN Courier will introduce the "drop off" option, allowing customers to send parcels or envelopes.

"The customer can choose the locker in the most convenient place to lift. I have already installed the first 10 lockers in Bucharest near the Promenade Mall and Petrom Muncii stations, Dr. Herescu, Drumul Taberei (Brasov), Brancoveanu, Militari, Fundeni, Ferentari, Virtutii and Straulesti, "explained Roxana Magopet.

Once the online order has been launched and the delivery option is chosen, expeditions are taken over by FAN Courier representatives and, within an average of 24 hours, are deposited in the eBOX chosen by customers. At the sender, the system automatically labels sending by size (S, M, L) and when the AWB is made, a box is reserved for the FAN Courier depending on the size chosen.

As soon as dispatches are available in vending machines, recipients receive SMS or email with a secret collection code (PIN) and other information needed to pick up expeditions. All that customers have to do is to enter the keypad screen, SMS / email PIN plus name and signature; the operations they have to perform at terminals are intuitive and easy to go. When leaving the FAN Courier warehouse, the system warns the wardrobe, so from the submission of the shipment, the system already has all the data about the package to be handed over, the identity of the courier and the password with which it opens and closes the eBox. At the locker, the courier identifies with ID and password, logs in and selects the parcel delivery option. After handing over the parcel, the compartment closes and the system automatically generates a unique collection code that is sent to the recipient via email and SMS. The courier can not submit another referral in a compartment until the first deposit is perfectly secure. If the customer has wrongly selected the size of the package, the courier has the option to manually choose another compartment.

Based on the SMS or email received, the customer can pick up the shipment from the chosen box: type the unique collection code received, sign electronically on the touch screen, and pick up the delivery.

The eBOX option is based on an easy and intuitive operating mechanism and is perfectly secured by the Austrian company KEBA. The locks are installed in controlled areas and are provided with alarm and anti-burglary systems.

"The eBOX service is based on KEBA's 16 years of experience in the automation of logistics services through projects around the world. Today, KEBA is the market leader with more than 5,000 installed systems. We are proud that along with FAN Courier we have built this innovative project that will give our clients a safe, pleasant and comfortable experience when enjoying the moment of shopping, "said Elena Ionescu Turda, CEO of KEBA Romania.

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