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FAN Courier is the first company in Romania to join the “The Climate Pledge” initiative

FAN Courier announced that it is the first company in Romania to join the “The Climate Pledge” initiative, which aims to convince companies around the world to accelerate the pace of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

Founded in 2019, "The Climate Pledge" is an initiative that aims to contribute to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement (carbon neutrality -n.n.) ten years earlier than the document, respectively, in 2040.

FAN Courier is among the more than 200 companies in the world that have signed up to date and aim to take the necessary measures and use technologies that contribute to reducing carbon emissions until reaching the goal of zero zero emissions by 2040.

"In our company there is a constant concern to find solutions to the challenges posed by global warming, a process that requires quick responses and firm action from us all. In this context, we implement measures to protect biodiversity, reduce water and energy consumption and avoid waste. As we all know, our planet's resources are limited and we believe that climate change requires urgent and universal action. We are proud to sign "The Climate Pledge" and support the initiative to reach the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2040, ten years earlier than the Paris Agreement, " said Adrian Mihai, CEO.

By signing this initiative, FAN Courier assumes it will regularly measure and report greenhouse gas emissions, implement carbon reduction strategies in line with the Paris Agreement, through business changes and innovation, including improving efficiency, widespread use of renewable energy and the gradual replacement of traditional cars in the fleet with electric vehicles and will take the necessary measures and use technologies to reduce carbon emissions, until the net zero emissions target is reached by 2040.

To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, FAN Courier has so far been involved in planting 42,000 trees in Romania, constantly investing in increasing the fleet of electric vehicles and expanding the use of renewable energy in its operations.

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