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FAN Courier inaugurated the HUB in Cluj-Napoca following an investment of 14.5 million euros

FAN Courier, inaugurated the most recent investment in recent years, the Cluj-Napoca regional HUB. For the construction of the HUB in Cluj-Napoca, FAN Courier has invested 14.5 million euros, this being the first project in Romania provided with a solution that optimizes the courier flow and reduces sorting and transit times. The HUB in Cluj-Napoca is the second largest owned by FAN Courier, after the one in Ștefăneștii de Jos - built 10 years ago, but recently modernized and the one in Brașov, opened 5 years ago.

"Today we inaugurate an extremely important project for us and for our clients. I am very proud of the FAN Courier team which, in less than 1 year, in a context dominated by a pandemic and the prospect of an economic crisis, managed to complete a complex and innovative project, necessary for the smooth running of the courier market. from the country. It was an important investment, but more important is the fact that the Cluj-Napoca regional HUB comes to complement from an operational point of view the capacity of FAN Courier to take over and sort daily shipments, which will be found in the increased operational performance, with impact directly in the reduction of delivery times ", said Adrian Mihai, CEO of FAN Courier.

The new HUB in Cluj-Napoca, whose construction began in February 2021 and was completed approximately 10 months later (after which the sorting strip was installed), has two directions of current activity: on the one hand, it hosts and takes over the activity of the Cluj branch that serves the city of Cluj-Napoca and the surrounding areas, with a number of approximately 15,000 daily shipments, and on the other hand, takes over and manages all transit operations for shipments throughout Transylvania.

The novelty that FAN Courier brings to the new HUB in Cluj-Napoca for the benefit of its customers is the ergonomic system (a system with "fingers") that helps the loading and unloading of shipments much faster by couriers, considerably reducing the distance they I park it inside the warehouse while handling packages. The HUB in Cluj Napoca is the first in the country to optimize the courier flow (sorting / loading / unloading). The warehouse is equipped with a Vanderlande sorting belt (Posisorter model) with a sorting capacity of 7,500 packages / hour, which means a sorting speed of 2.2 m / second. The system has 41 slides (destinations).

"After almost 25 years of activity, we continue to pioneer in our industry. We were the first operators in this industry to bring automatic parcel sorting to Romania and we remain the first to introduce innovative solutions that, in the end, aim to meet the needs of our customers. We do the same at the HUB in Cluj-Napoca, the second largest in the country, where we put into operation a completely new technology for Romania, which will help us sort much faster, gaining time daily (more than 1 hour) and thus increasing the delivery capacity. Also, in transit, the new technology used shortens the sorting time by half, which allows us to reach the served branches much faster, with direct benefits for the entire Transylvania area and beyond ", added Felix Pătrășcanu, co-founder of FAN Courier.

The land purchased by FAN Courier for the HUB in Cluj-Napoca has an area of ​​44,600m², of which 28,500m² is buildable area and 16,100m² are intended for parking lots and access areas. The already completed constructions cover an area of ​​6,500m² (office building, transit area and sorting area dedicated to couriers).

In the HUB in Cluj-Napoca, the current activity is provided by over 250 people, branch employees and transit drivers.

"We have always been concerned with optimizing technological processes and improving services to meet as many of our customers' needs as possible in the shortest possible time. That is why we are constantly investing and developing in order to fulfill this mission. The HUB in Cluj is a natural continuation of the long-term development strategy we have proposed. For us, investments in technology remain a constant priority and concern, because they are among the most important in business development and increasing competitiveness. This is the best proof that we are constantly concerned about the future and the quality of the services we provide to meet our customers ", said Neculai Mihai, co-founder of FAN Courier.

The medium and long term development strategy of the company includes the construction of another sorting / loading / unloading HUB in Sibiu, where a land has already been purchased and the continuation of developments in Ștefănestii de Jos with a logistics center.

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