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Curiera invested 1 million euros in the electric fleet and the new eco-friendly logistics warehouse

Curiera continues the promise of sustainability and invested in the development of the business in 2022, respecting the company's mission to deliver parcels to beneficiaries in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Starting from November 2022, 13 of the 17 cars in the courier company's fleet will be fully electric. By the end of 2023, Curiera will give up the 4 cars on fuel and continue the plans to increase the fleet. Depending on the availability of manufacturers and the ceilings of fiscal facilities, he estimates that he could supplement the car park with 15 more electric cars.

"The financial component played an important role in making this decision, as it is known that an electric fleet means lower operating costs. But, for us, the social responsibility component is even more important. Ever since we decided to invest in our own courier service, we wanted to do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Considering our social involvement so far in various humanitarian cases, we considered that the use of a fleet of electric cars is a natural continuation of the promise we made, to be actively involved in society and change things for the better", says Silvia Duță, Curiera CEO.

The year 2022 brought the courier company an increase in turnover of another 6 million lei. Thus, in just two years of existence on the market, Curiera will complete the financial year with a turnover of 12 million lei and the estimates for next year are 20 million lei.

"Another important part of this year's investment went into the development of the new warehouse. Now we have 500 square meters, and for the year 2023 we estimate the tripling of the storage space in parallel with the addition of photovoltaic panels and charging stations. Thus, as far as we can, we will support the daily activity from the most non-polluting sources", says Silvia Duță, Curiera CEO.

The courier market in Romania aligns with global trends. There will be an increasing emphasis on customer relationship, speed and quality of delivery. For the next year, Curiera is analyzing the possibility of changing the delivery hours, currently between 9:00 and 17:00, so as not to block customers' days.

The services offered by Curiera are aimed at small producers and traders who have between 1 and 1,000 parcels to send per month. On average, 2,000 customers used courier services.

The company is based in Bucharest and offers delivery services (national and international), e-Fulfillment (storage, picking, packing, AWB creation, labeling and shipping), online real-time parcel tracking, customer support both directly and in the relationship with partner carriers and the "Instant money" service (the sender receives the money from the refund in just a few hours after the delivery of the parcels), Couriera Express.

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