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Alexandrion Group to provide strong support to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine through The Alexandrion Foundation

The Alexandrion Group is strongly involved in supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine through a series of humanitarian actions developed through the Alexandrion Foundation. In order to increase the impact of these actions and to provide assistance to as many people directly affected by the crisis in Ukraine as possible, the Alexandrion Foundation is in contact with the Romanian state authorities, national higher education institutions, religious organizations and international organizations, focusing on humanitarian issues.

Mr. Nawaf Salameh, Founding President of the Alexandrion Group and President of the Alexandrion Foundation, noted that "we live extremely difficult and sad times for humanity, a situation that, unfortunately, is not unfamiliar to me personally. Although I have lived in Romania for almost 40 years, my lived experience in my native country, Syria—a beautiful country, but so deeply affected by the war—is undeniably imprinted in my mind and soul. I know what it means to be constantly afraid that you could lose your life or, worse, that you could lose your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, at any time. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe, and impossible to feel if you have never had such an experience. I am shaken by the suffering of the Ukrainian refugees, the uncertainty and fear in which they live, because I know them very well. I feel these people as close to me as my relatives. That is why I want to do everything in my power to help as many of them as possible” he said.

The Alexandrion Foundation has contacted universities in several areas of the country, including Suceava, seeking partners for programs in support of current university students, including in Master’s and PhD programs, and for refugees. The students will also have the opportunity to apply for the Foundation’s internship programs and subsequently for employment with the Group. Through these programs, the Alexandrion Foundation will help young people nurture their professional aspirations amid the current crisis, and help them to gain professional experience, and earn income, with the Group.

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