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Agency National Fiscal Administration found 22,000 persons and 1.8 billion lei in not declared revenues after courier companies Declaration 395

About a third of Romanians prefer to pay cash on delivery to the courier. The amount of refunds registered from courier companies, in the first three months of the year, through Declaration 395, exceeds 5 billion lei, for a number of 17 million shipments, according to the data presented by Teodor Alexandru Georgescu, general director of the Anti-Fraud Department within the Agency National Fiscal Administration (ANAF) on Wednesday, the 10th edition of the "Courier & Postal Services Forum 2023" event, attended by courier and postal service providers, fast deliver and online retailers, together with representatives of public authorities.

"We, as anti-fraud within ANAF, deal, of course, with combating tax evasion and more than that, lately, we have allocated a lot of our activity on the line of prevention and this measure of introducing this declaration 395 from courier companies courier is aimed to limit the phenomenon of tax evasion and tax non-compliance in the field of electronic commerce and more precisely in the field of online stores. In the first three months of 2023 we received statements for around 17 million shipments, at a volume of reimbursements of over 5 billion lei. We have received statements from 23 courier companies but we are still far from having a complete picture of the phenomenon and I want to assure you that all courier companies will be obliged or will have to submit this declaration, whether they do or do not do cash on delivery operations", declared Teodor Alexandru Georgescu, general director of the Anti-Fraud Department within the Agency National Fiscal Administration .

Georgescu added that, in the next period, an application for the selection of people who do not comply, based on the risk criteria, will come into operation. "We are working on a system to make an automatic selection application of people who do not comply based on the risk criteria. At this moment, the application is almost ready, it is for testing, and it will be operational in the shortest time. But even in the absence of this computer application to run all the risk indicators on the database, this is done from the first month of submitting the declarations by stimulating each risk indicator on the database which can be done more easily and a risk selection. The result of this analysis will consist of a control action that will be started this month. We are already in the territory and the control consists in identifying only from a single courier 22,000 natural persons who have received cash refunds in a collection account of approximately 1.8 billion lei and who have not submitted any tax declaration. Not all of these people will be controlled, but only for amounts greater than 500,000 lei. We went to the people who do commercial activity, with substantial amounts and I referred here to 500,000 lei. In the first phase, there will be checks on these people. A documentary check will be initiated, i.e. a check carried out from the ANAF headquarters, and at the end of the check the imposition decision will be issued. The other persons, with amounts below 500,000 lei, will receive a notification at home from ANAF, for compliance. If these people also do not comply, controls will follow, of course", said Teodor Alexandru Georgescu.

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