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Romania sees greatest retail sale growth out of all EU countries this September

According to EUROSTAT, Romania has seen the greatest growth in terms of retail trade in September of 2015 compared to the same period of 2014. The volume of such trade has grown by 12 percent and is the most significant increase any of the EU countries have seen. 


Retail trade in the EU has seen a 3,7 percent increase in September, while the eurozone has had a 2,9 percent increase. Fuel trade has registered a 5,3 percent boost. Food, drink and cigarette commerce has gone up by 1,6 percent, while non food product transactions improved by 4 percent.

The greatest growth rates were recorded in: Romania (12 percent), Ireland (8 percent), Great Britain and Poland (6,3 percent). As for decreases in terms of retail sales, Luxembourg had a 11,8 percent, Bulgaria 2,5 percent and Slovenia 0,4.

In the EU, retail sales have gone up by 0,3 percent while in the eurozone area they went down by 0,1 percent.Statistics for other countries vary from growing numbers, such as in Hungary(0,5 percent), Switzerland (0,1 percent) and Sweden(0,7 percent), to obvious decreases, as one can observe in France(-0,4 percent), Denmark (- 0,7 percent), and, Finland (-0,4 percent).

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