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Posta Romana takes a 60 million RON loan from Eximbank

Eximbank won the tender organized by the Romanian Post for a loan of 60 million lei, with a repayment period of 36 months to finance its working capital.

" Winning this financing tender in the competitive process organized by the Romanian Post is a confirmation that the products and services that Eximbank offer rise to quality standards that positions us as a strong competitor for the commercial banks active in the corporate segment ", said Traian Halalai, CEO of Eximbank.

This is the second partnership that the national operator of postal services and Eximbank are signing after the one in 2013 when the Bank granted a loan worth 100 million lei to partially cover the remaining amounts from a cash collection loan that the Romanian Post returned in full in the first half of this year.

"Closing the previous financing lines, such as the 100 million obtained from Eximbank demonstrates that, in terms of payment discipline, we are a good deal for any bank. This second financing contract contributes to our goal to further reduce the historical debt generated by less inspired decisions taken by previous management teams. Unfortunately, the added value achieved by the company in the past three years, transfer to cover these debts and not to investment, the Romanian Post now needs, "said Alexandru Petrescu, Director General of the Romanian Post.

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