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MasterCard and O'Fresh's contactless cards promote new method of paying for vending goods

MasterCard has recently introduced the contactless card payment system for Vending Zone's O'Fresh vending machines and has subsequently seen much better results than originaly expected, as 30 percent of consumers opted for this method of paying.

This type of service is one of the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, and, so far, results have shown that consumers are indeed very open to this system.A recent report shows that in Romania in 2015 there are 50 000 vending machines and income from this particular section of the market is estimated at around 103 million EUR with a growth rate of 4,4 percent in 2014 and an expected 6,2 percent in 2015. Estimations show a 40 percent growth for this segment until 2018.(1)MasterCard's new payment system represents quite the efficient way to better fiscal control in this obviously flourishing market.

Gabriel Ghita, Head of New Business CEE, MasterCard Europe, declared that the they are „ pleasantly surprised with the results obtained at the debut , which represents a national premiere, of MasterCard's contactless technology in the automatic distribution market . Consumers confirmed the necesity to diversify market solutions which are available in modern comerce, and the degree of acceptance when it comes to contactless paying methods validates this method as one that is simple, rapid and efficient, three in ten consumers prefering it to others.”

Mihai Ungureanu, Genral Director of O'Fresh also added “ We are very optimistic thanks to the first results obtained by implementing the new payment solution which show 30 percent of consumers opting to pay directly with their card[...]. O'Fresh gives great importance to the effect technology has on modern commerce and we are happy to be able to give consumers a variety of ways to pay.”

Vending Zone has 600 machines in its snack and cold drink segment and will gradually start adding contactless technology to all, hoping to finalize the process by next year. It also currently administers a network of over 800 automated distribution units in Bucharest and other cities around the country.

MasterCard is a technology company in the glodal payment industry which operates in more than 120 countries and territories. It is well known for the contactless paying methods it's implemented in public transport, retail stores and ticket houses.


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