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Lazar Group takes over shares of Edy Spedition

Lazar Group, headed by business man Ion Lazar acquired Edy Spedition's shares during an auction hosted by the legal administrator of the latter company.

Lazar has a business amounting to around 90 million EUR per year. Edy Spedition, on the other hand, has been dealing with insolvency since the year 2012.According to Ziarul Financiar, Ion Lazar stated that it is quite fortunate for the people that they will continue the shares and integrate the employees of the other company into their own firm's team. “There are around 180 people left and if they want a job we can give that to them” Lazar, owner of the biggest Romanian transport company, observed.
Edy Spedition used to be not just the biggest Romanian transport firm, but also one of the biggest in Europe. Unfortunately, since its founder and main shareholder, Alin Popa, died in 2012, the it has been facing insolvency.
The company's shares were evaluated at around eight million EUR and were bought from Rovigo, its legal administrator
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