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Lăptăria cu Caimac lists in November a bond issue worth 3 million euros

Agroserv Măriuța SA, the company that owns the Lăptaria cu Caimac brand, will list in November of this year a bond issue worth 3 million euros. The listing will be made on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, and the listing consultant and broker associated with the project is BT Capital Partners.

The bond issue will be between a minimum amount of 1.5 million euros and a maximum amount of 3 million euros, denominated in euros, with a maturity date of 4 years and a coupon payable quarterly. The interest will be calculated according to the market level at the time of listing. At the same time, the bond issue will only provide financial benefits, not non-financial benefits. The bonds issued may not be converted into shares of the company or bonds with a pre-emption right to subscribe for shares, with priority over other shareholders.

“This listing has been in the company's business plans for some time. All this time, we have been investigating the best options to be able to carry out the expansion plans at the factory and on the farm. We want to list bonds worth 3 million euros, with an interest rate of around 5%, but this depends a lot on how the market will be at the time of listing and we will prefer to pay the quarterly coupon. We are happy to have with us a consultant and a strong broker, one of the top players in Romania and we have great confidence that together with BT Capital Partners the show will be a real success ” says Adrian Cocan, project manager of Lăptăria cu Caimac.

The funds obtained from the listing of bonds will be used, in a first stage, to lay the foundations of a very important and long-awaited project: a system for recovery and reuse of packaging (bottles and jars). The investment, worth a total of 9 million euros, will be made in 3 stages and will consist of the construction of a washing station, equipped with robots and systems for identifying the chemical content of packaging, which will have a total capacity of 54 million objects per year. The dairy with Caimac estimates that it will wash between 26 and 28 million containers annually, starting with 2025 - 2026, starting gradually from 2 million / year in 2023. The rest of the capacity will be offered as a service to other companies that have glass packaging: producers of mineral water, oil, jam, zacusca, natural juices and even wines. “From the moment we launched Lăptăria cu Caimac, we knew we wanted it to be a clean and sustainable brand. The realization of this recovery system is a very important step for everything that means the identity of our brand. It comes as an answer to our desire, but also to the hundreds of questions we receive from consumers about the reuse of packaging. It is an important step and the start of a beautiful road for us ", added Adrian Cocan.

The second stage of the project is the completion and commissioning of the washing station but also the construction of a logistics system and a recovery system. This involves the placement of reverse vending machines in which consumers will be able to insert the bottles and jars of the dairy, receiving in return vouchers that can be used in stores.

The third stage of the project will be represented by the national expansion of these vending machines and the expansion of the necessary logistical support.

In parallel, Lăptăria cu Caimac will carry out two more investments: the construction of a biogas plant that will use animal manure and food scraps to generate the energy needed for the factory and the farm. The station will use only waste, will not use plants that are food for humans or animals. Also, another investment is the development of a new production and logistics hall. 

The estimated investments for the next years amount to 16 million euros and the company aims, in addition to issuing bonds and bank loans, to list shares on the Stock Exchange, with a significant float, between 30% and 40% of the company's total shares.

Agroserv Măriuța was established in 1994 and until 2018 carried out exclusively Agricultural activities, large crop and dairy farm. Starting with 2018, it put into operation a modern dairy factory and launched the Lăptaria cu Caimac brand, a brand that registered a rapid growth at national level and which, starting with 2020, began to export.

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